Road to race

Road to race

The program that allows you to become a driver

Road to Race, a real trail for gentleman driver open to anyone who wants to to accept the challenge and aim to participate in a real Formula 3 race or to an entire championship like the F2 Trophy in which Puresport participates with some drivers who trained with the Road To Race, like Dino Rasero, Andrea Benalli and Giorgio Venica, and many others. Many of our drivers, after the trainings in the Road To Race, could also get on the podium and achieve a goal and crown the dream to an unthinkable age. It is a program that provides a first approach to the driving after which we will be able to give you a first feedback about the timings and decide together the road map to cover according to your aims and needs.

Watch and listen to the interviews of our Gentleman drivers. You could be the next

Alessandro C.

Fabio P.

Mike M.

Andrea B.

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Giorgio V.

Peter R.

Christof L.

Luca C.

Radim R.

Dino R.

Luca G.

Roger S.

Emanuele B.

Martin E.

Salvatore D.C.

Enrique A.

Massimo S.

Stefano M.

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Here are the steps of the Road To Race:

Step 1

Participation in a standard Puresport day, in which through 20/30 laps we will be able to give you a first valuation about the trail. In this phase, you can watch the on-board video with our coach and engineer expert in this field.

Step 2

In accordance with the personal ability and previous experience, the Step 2 provides one or more days at the track (it is better if these days are at different circuits) in order to learn at best the driving techniques up to increase from intermediate mode to TEST mode, (250 HP - less invasive TC). Working with the engineer will be essential in each driving session during these track days. The telemetry data and on-board video's explanation will allow you to drastically reduce the period of apprenticeship, letting you to go at a pace that you certainly do not expect, thanks to the confrontation of performances with Puresport drivers already in the Step 4 of the Road To Race through the data and on-board video acquisition. You will be ready for the next step.

Step 3

At this point of the Road To Race, you will be ready to get on track in real collective tests, in which you can compare your performance with other semi-professional and/ore professional drivers. You change the car and get in the F308/F312, a more evolved and performing car, the same you could race with. In this step, there will be 2 essential introduction on which you will work one to one: use of new tires, set-up work on the car. The introduction of these two concepts will allow you to technically know the dynaminc of the car, its aerodynamics, the mechanic and the impact that some settings of wings, camber and other parameters can lead to deep and substantial driving differences. We will teach you to tell us your driving feelings in order to choose the best setting for your driving style. Data acquisition and on-board video comparison with drivers step 4. At the end of these tests you will be ready for the next step and for the C International racing license obtainment, that at this point it is a formality for you. We will give you all the necessary assistance for the obtainment, from the bureaucratic organization to the test where you will be verified by a CSAI manager.

Step 4

The race.
Your preparation is come to the end of the first trail, the one that allows you to take part to collective tests without fears. You cna take part to your first race and decide how to proceed for the next steps. The knowledge of the driving, of the car and of your emotions' control while driving will reach the level which will permit you to decide how to go on, which championship you want to race in or the circuits you want to try. It will be a free choice. From now on everything will get serious. From this step, you can use the F308 Power engine.

Step 5

Race Evolution.
From now on, each test or race or driving session will be aimed at making your performance even more effective. You will work on some parameters that will improve your timings on the lap, you will have to train also physically, now it is a matter of taking the last tenths of a second to be able to approach our drivers who race in the F2 Trophy. During the collective tests they will be there to tell you about their trail and to give you suggestions. You can find here how they drive today, at the STEP 5 of their Road To Race.

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