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Formula 3 F316 Dallara Mugello

Take part in a driving course on a real Formula 3 F316 Dallara.
Our F316 is a combination of technology, aerodynamics and powersur le circuit de Mugello, scène de nombreuses compétitions au niveau national et international comme le Championnat de Grand Tourisme, Ferrari Challenge, Porsche Carrera Cup


5,245 km
Longueur circuit

1141 mt
Longueur maximale de la ligne droite

  • Drive a Formula 3 F316 Dallara in Mugello with Puresport
  • Try a Formula 3 F316 Dallara on racetrack with Puresport in Mugello
  • Laps on Formula 3 F316 Dallara in Mugello with Puresport
  • Mugello
Mugello, 15 octobre 2020
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale logo

During our upcoming track day of October 15, 2020, our clients will get the chance to live the emotions of the new Dallara Stradale. A unique model, for passionate car lovers, whose technology signficantly derives from the experience of Formula championships. Thanks to a reduced weight, a detailed study of vehicle dynamics and high downforce, its performance are definitely in the range of competition cars.

All Puresport clients ordering a driving experience for October 15, 2020 with a Flexible package of at least 3 laps, or any Premium package, will get exclusive access to a special hot lap as co-drivers on the Dallara Stradale driven by a Puresport instructor.

Choose one of the following 3 pricing options, based on your preference

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Availables from 10 to 30 laps
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  • Time of your turn at race track is pre-assigned and cannot be customized
    (you'll receive timing 5-7 days before the event)
  • Video camera car is not included
    (but it can be ordered separately)


à partir de 2999€
Choose the flexible package
Availables from 10 to 30 laps
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  • Time of your turn at race track is pre-assigned and cannot be customized
    (you'll receive timing 5-7 days before the event)
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Availables from 10 to 30 laps
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  • Package is refundable within 1 year from the purchase date
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  • Video camera car is included in your package

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Services included at race track

  • Fast check-in
    short queues for on-site registration process
  • Lunch and open Bar for clients and guests with pass
    with big assortment of hot and cold drinks, coffee, sweets and various pastries (service is also included for all guests with Puresport pass, available for purchase)
  • 45-minute technical briefing
    held by driving experts with specific expertise, guests included
  • Formation lap on race track for clients and guests with pass
    Installation lap on racetrack on the Puresport shuttle for drivers and guest with the "drivers guest service" (always guaranteed).
    In each circuit Puresport guarantees both for drivers and guests a tour of the track on board of Shuttle Puresport.
  • Laps on race track
    included in your driving experience
  • Certificate of participation
    at the end of track day
  • Sparkling wine at the end of the event
    and custom certificate of participation
  • Print your gift card for free
    directly during order summary
  • VIP area access dedicated to Formula customers
  • In-depth analysis of driving experience with telemetry
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Rain insurance
    should Puresport cancel the event, client is entitled to postpone the event to another available date
  • Professional intercom with the instructor
  • Track day always exclusive
Mugello video Puresport video

Formula 3 F316 Dallara

Dallara in itself is an unmatched guarantee mark in the world for the carbon fiber single-seater cars construction and certainly the F316 is a car that marks a furrow between the past and the present thanks to aerodynamic solutions increasingly similar to the maximum Series. By introducing a different of aerodynamic modifications, the FIA ​​intent was on slowing down the performance expansion of the F3s but limiting the engineering genius of the Dallara is a demonstration of a utopia. The 316 is an extremely physical car to drive, but with truly unique performance and maximum speeds delivered at 260 km / h. Powered by a TOYOTA 2000cc four-cylinder in-line engine with 240 HP at 7500 RPM, it has been the reference car for the last 5 years in the famous F3 EuroOpen championship, gathering the witness of pure success 308/311. The transmission is a six-speed Hewland gearbox / differential with frontal couplings with pneumatic actuation controlled by the steering wheel coupled to the engine via an AP Racing carbon clutch. Driving it give you a sense of safety and efficiency that other cars cannot give. This car is recommended for those who have at least had an experience on our F308

Circuit Mugello

The Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello , also well-known as Mugello Circuit is located in Tuscany, north of Florence and more exactly in the towns called Scarperia and San Piero. The track has a length of 5.245 meters and It winds through 15 corners : it is one of the best existing facilities , which is constantly updated to ensure fun in total safety . Equipped with excellent facilities , 3 paddocks , a medical center , a TV area compound and many garages, it is a track absolutely appropriate for the driving experience activity made by Puresport , both for individuals and for companies , for anyone who wants to spend an unforgettable day characterized by speed and full of adrenaline , while driving Ferrari and Lamborghini , in a suggestive context, the one of the gentle slopes of the Tuscan hills. Location of many racing events, both national and international, like GT Championships , Ferrari Challenge, Porsche Carrera Cup, is mainly famous thanks to MotoGP which takes place every year in May, offering a great show. It has never hosted a Formula 1 Grand Prix , but it is the place where several testing sessions, made by the Scuderia Ferrari and other teams, take place. Their drivers have always highly evaluated the track , describing it very much faster and even better than many others , where they regularly race. Characterized by an uphill straight which is more than 1 km long, from severe elevation changes and fast turns , blind and challenging , as the “Arrabbiata 1" and “Arrabbiata 2”, is a track suitable for anyone who wants to have fun in total security , thanks to the wide track ways out and an asphalt completely renovated with innovative techniques . Climbs , breathtaking descents and long straights, where you will be able to vent to your passion and try the power of these wonderful GT cars.

Restrictions pour effectuer l'activité

programme typique

8:00 a.m. Welcome, staff presentation, hand out of driving suit
8:30 a.m. Theory and racing technique course
- braking
- Management the power and usage of steering
- Driving trajectories and proper use of the gearbox
- Analysis of the racetrack
9:30 a.m. Reconnaissance of the track on Puresport shuttle, paddle shifter, acceleration and braking approach
10:00 a.m. first series of laps with Formula 3 F316 Dallara cars and technical de-briefing
12:15 a.m. Lunch
2:00 p.m. Acquaintance with the vehicle, engine start, driving session with Formula 3 F316 Dallara car
5:30 p.m. Final comment and hand out of Formula racing certificates – Final toast

fiche technique

Dallara F316 in carbon fiber
Engine: TOYOTA 2000cc 4 cylinders
Power: 240 HP a 7500 RPM
Maximum speed: 260 Km/h
Gearbox: Hewland six-speed differential with frontal couplings


  • Guarantee on payments
    20 years in the business
  • Exclusive
    for race tracks in Monza, Vairano and Cremona
  • The rule of 12 - Puresport track days are always in exclusive
    In no cases you will find more than 12 cars on the race track. If you find any more, we will refund your money in full.
    Organizing track days in full exclusive comes with higher costs compared to shared events, but we are confident that living your driving experience in safety and comfort is priceless.
  • Date and race track guaranteed
    except force majeure
  • Sport driving only
    you will never find tourist driving during our events
  • free date change
    within 30 days in advance to the track day
  • Professional instructors
    all of them are CSAI-patented and with experience in racing
  • Customer service
    fast and effective, with 100% response rate
  • Open voucher extension
    you get 3 more months in case of track day cancellation
  • Best value for money
    we have been serving our customers for 20 years

Hôtels conventionnés

Hotel Dei Vicari Scarperia

Viale J. F. Kennedy, 45,
50038 Scarperia e San Piero FI
Tel. +39 055.846860

B&B Villino Albachiara-Mugello

Viale Dante Alighieri 11
Scarperia San Piero (FI)
Tel. +39 339 4342986


L'heure de convocation en piste est communiquée au participant par mail environ 10 jours avant l'événement et contient l'adresse du circuit et les documents nécessaires pour faire cette espérience.


L'espérience Formule dure tout le jour (déjeuner léger inclus)


la vidéo camera car, pour qui l'achète, sera envoyée pendant les deux semaines successives à l'event à travers le lien de téléchargement.

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